The 2017 Production is coming!

It’s that time of year again! The 2017 Production is almost here!
This year, our Braemar Production is an original, murder mystery, musical called ‘The Curious Case of the Cookie’. The music includes popular hits, both old and new, such as Murder on the Dance Floor, Every Breath You Take, American Pie, In Too Deep, The Reason, Dirty Little Secret, Canned Heat, and many more.

The Curious Case of the Cookie, Synopsis (provided by the authors).
The high-class engagement party of John Celery and Lucy Crumble is interrupted by an act of brazen theft, as well as the tragic murder of a mysterious female guest, who no one appears to remember. Two detectives, and their tolerant assistants, are on the cases. While they may appear to have different focuses, they all feel a strong urge to find the culprit. In pursuit of justice, who’s to say what truths they will discover, suspects they will find, and dark secrets they will uncover. As the investigation comes to a final confrontation, who would have guessed the importance of a stolen cookie in a murder mystery?

The Production was written by Aimee Noordhoorn, Ronan Connor, Xanthe Wood and Olivia Vernon, with additional material by Keith Traill, Adele Gehling, Scout Sherwill and Amber McLindin. Aimee Noordhoorn has also written an original song for it.

It includes over 100 students from years 5 to 8 involved in a variety of roles including cast members, dancers, musicians, and members of the tech team (sound and lighting). By the time of the performance, there will be even more students involved in backstage and front of house roles. There have been student leaders involved in writing, musical direction, choreography, vocal coaching, set/prop design and creation, tech production, stage management and film production. 

Tickets will be available next term via trybooking.com, watch this space!

See the slideshow below for a sneak peak into rehearsals!

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