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Year 8 Curiosity Week

This year has regularly reminded us how important it is to love what we do. With this in mind, a focus on further developing our students love for learning along with activities to encourage the students to reconnect with their peers has been an important focus in the Investigate classrooms. To see busy and engaged learners back in the classroom has been a joy, as we explore concepts such as light, 3D shapes, space, and the always-fun Algebra.

A couple of weeks ago, with COVID-safe practices in place, we were so fortunate to be able to immerse the Year 8’s into Curiosity Week. Using the philosophy of Project Based Learning, the students designed, researched, and tested an investigation in either Physical/Sports Science, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Psychology, or Environmental Science. The Year 8 students also incorporated learned skills from other subject areas, completing tasks such as script writing, filming, and editing to help document the learning process. It was wonderful to see the students develop their ‘real life’ learning skills, participate with such enthusiasm, and show such pride in their work. “When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” – Walt Disney.

The work of Curiosity Week culminated in a ‘exhibition day’ where the students set up stalls to present their investigations and findings. They were visited throughout the day by younger students and various teachers; it was great to see them engaging with their visitors as they shared their work – it’s safe to say that everyone walked away from the stalls with new pieces of learning and fun facts!

Some photos from the Curiosity Week exhibition day are included below (in some occasions, masks were removed momentarily for the photographs). Well done to all the students on their fantastic work.

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