2021 Student Leaders

One of our normal College traditions is to announce the new student leadership team each year at our Celebration Night event in front of our entire College community.

We would typically invite the new leaders on stage and they would be welcomed and recognised by their predecessors. This year, as we all know, things are different. Our usual process has taken place for electing student leaders, and we’ve reached the final decisions, but unfortunately, we’re unable to award these leadership titles as we usually would.

Instead, we are thrilled to share the group of 2021 Student Leaders with you today, as below.

Our 2021 House Captains are:

  • Baker House
    Grace Janky and Tess Grumont
  • Clyde House
    Georgia Langenberg and Tom Harnett
  • Darling House
    Sally DeYoung and Charles Teed
  • Farley House
    Daphne Piper and Zoe Dillon
  • Harry House
    Maurice Mind and Isobel McArdle
  • Ward House
    Thomas Shaddock and Taylor Reiner

Our 2021 College Prefects are:

  • Shaneela Benka
  • Emily Boyd
  • Myles Courtney
  • Thomas Grinter
  • Zara Hemingway
  • Felix Hughes
  • Matilda Mason
  • Quinn Oliver
  • Tom Sinclair
  • Benjamin Shaw
  • Olivia Sutton
  • Olivia Wilson-Annan

And finally, a special congratulations to our 2021 College Captains:

  • Charlie-Ashe Humfrey, and
  • Ben Cosgriff

We’re planning ways for this new leadership group to be involved in some of our end-of-year activities, allowing them a chance to commence and transition into their new roles. Each student will also be introduced and formally welcomed as part of the final Principal’s Assembly (both, Middle and Senior School) on the last day of term.

Congratulations to each of these students, and well done also to all of those who threw their hat in the ring! We are lucky to have such a great group of Senior students ready to lead our College through 2021.

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