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2022 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2022 Braemar College Academic Scholarship recipients; Astrid Court and Maximilian Cheeseman (Year 6, 2021), and Sophie Janusko and Skye Peake (Year 9, 2021).

Each of these students have been awarded scholarships based on academic excellence displayed through recent scholarship testing.

Along with their strong academic performance, our two Year 9 recipients are committed members of our College community; we are very proud of both students and look forward to supporting their continued progress at Braemar.

The two Year 6 recipients of the 2022 Academic Scholarships are primary school students who have yet to start at the College; they will both be joining us next year for Year 7 and we look forward to welcoming them officially at the beginning of next year!


Well done to each of these students on a fantastic achievement.

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