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Middle School Lunchtime Clubs and Activities

Did you know that we run lunchtime activities and clubs on the Woodend Campus every lunchtime? 

Correction: the STUDENTS run lunchtime activities and clubs. 

It’s so great to see the different ideas that the students come up with as ways to entertain themselves and spend their breaks. Each of the activities is put forward as an idea directly from the students to Mrs Shipp, our Head of Middle School, and then she helps to facilitate timetabling and making a space or any required equipment available. Typically, there isn’t any ‘teacher’ component, though depending on the activities and spaces used, a teacher may be around for support and supervision, and you might even catch them getting involved! Just like Ms Cross, getting competitive with the kids in Kahoots club last week (pictured below). The students run their own clubs and activities, they show up, set up, and pack down on their own, and they have a great time doing it. 

These clubs provide the opportunity for our Middle School kids to come up with fun, ‘on-trend’, and ‘interest-based’ ways to spend their breaks, especially for those who are less interested in playing sport or running around outside, or who might prefer to take part in quieter or more niche activities. 

The list of activities and clubs currently includes: games, switch club, choir, dungeons and dragons (analogue-style using the original books), Auslan, kahoots club, chess club, just dance club, running club, and art club! 

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