Year 12 Commencement Evening

Last week our Year 12s were finally able to celebrate together at their Commencement Evening.

The evening was a huge success, not by chance, but as a result of careful planning from the Year 12 Commencement committee and Mr Moran as the Year 12 Level Leader. They called on the help of many different departments across the College to help organise the night including Hospitality and Visual and Performing Arts. Our Unit 3/4 Hospitality students used the opportunity for a formal SAC and our Year 12s were provided with a delicious array of food and drink.

This event is just one example of how the Braemar community comes together to make events like this enjoyable for all; we’re glad our Year 12 students had an opportunity to come together and celebrate the beginning of their final year of school together.

Some photos from the evening’s photo booth are below, the theme for the evening was ‘iconic groups’.

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