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THIS THURSDAY: Understanding Anxiety and Depression

This Thursday 25 March, from 7pm, Sacred Heart College in Kyneton is hosting a community event focusing on Understanding Anxiety & Depression.

The same presentation was given by the guest speaker, Bryan Jeffrey, in 2019 and it was very well received, providing relevant and practical information.

We know it’s late notice, but we also know there may be members of our parent community who would be interested in attending.

The event is free, but bookings are essential – click here to book. 

About the speaker:

Bryan Jeffrey is a registered psychiatric nurse with 26 years of clinical experience in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health sector, both in Scotland and in Melbourne. As the founder and Director of MOAT: Mental Health Services, Bryan’s training objectives includy demystifying and destigmatising metal illness, allowing participants to understand and utilise the information for their own self-care, or to support people around them.

Thursday night’s session will include:

  1. Introduction to brain chemistry and wellbeing                          
  2. Impact of stress on our ability to maintain a healthy neurotransmitter balance
  3. Symptoms of depression and anxiety
  4. Supporting friends or family members who are experiencing anxiety

Find out more below.

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