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Open Mic Night(s) at Jacksons@Braemar!

This Thursday, 10 August, Jacksons @ Braemar will be hosting an Open Mic Night and we encourage all of you to sign up!
As always, parents and friends are welcome (and encouraged) to get involved and perform something to add to the excitement and entertainment.
All keen performers should email our Director of Music, Mr Shaun Evans, at directorofmusic@braemar.vic.edu.au or visit the music webpage to get their names on the list. On the night, you will simply need to sign up on the ‘sign up sheet’ and choose a time slot for your performance.
Jacksons@Braemar restaurant will be offering their usually delicious dining options so head to our trybooking page to secure your table! *Reminder: due to our cafe license, if you would like to have a drink from the bar, you are required to order food as well.*
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