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NEW Virtual Tour

Have you had a chance to check out our new virtual tour?
The new tour features comprehensive footage of both of our campuses, voiceovers from our students to guide you through each space, and video introductions from our Middle School and Senior School Captains.
We invite you to visit our website and check it out – it could be a great opportunity to see some spaces that you haven’t been able to visit before.

Be sure to make sure of the following accessibility features to help you get the most out of the tour:

  • Thumbnails along the bottom of your screen to act as a contents/menu bar and allow you to skip through to specific areas
  • Voiceovers from our students describing each space – these can be muted at any time
  • Video introductions for each campus from our Middle and Senior School Captains
  • Transcripts of the audio message available at any time by clicking the ‘i’ in the top, right corner

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