Year 8 HIT Program

On each Day 7 in the Year 8 timetable, students participate in a targeted literacy and numeracy program called ‘HIT’, standing for high intensity tasks.

The program is designed by Year 8 teaching staff by analysing the cohort’s testing data from last year (Year 7) and delivered as part of their Encounter and Investigate classes. The program is based on mastering progressive levels and working independently; the design aims to identify and address any weaknesses in the cohort.

The Encounter HIT sessions are based around Nintendo Super Mario levels, and the Investigate HIT sessions are based around living creatures, with levels moving from the bottom of the sea to the top of the universe. Students aim to become Super Marios in Encounter, or Masters of the Universe in Investigate.

Below are Encounter students who have been trained as sessional Super Mario tutors. The students are able to further consolidate their own skill base by teaching others as part of the session.

This program is an example of personalised learning where students have the opportunity to revisit concepts and skills they didn’t grasp entirely when originally shown in class.

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