Laser-cut face coverings!

With the new rules around face coverings, and our proactive decision to have all staff and students wear face coverings at school in order to best support our Braemar community, some of our staff – namely the TuckShop staff, Deb and Petra, in conjunction with some of our digital technologies team, Chris, Luke, and Adam – have been making face coverings for our staff.

Deb and Petra were initially making all the masks by hand before collaborating with the technologies team to have the pattern digitised and loaded into the laser cutter. This has meant that the laser cutting machine can cut multiple sheets at a time and that it can cut them with absolute precision, which minimises wastage. The layers can then be sewn and the masks assembled; cutting out (pardon the pun) one very time-consuming step.

Well done and thanks to the group for using the innovative technology at our disposal to provide our staff with effective face coverings.

Click here to see the laser cutter at work!

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