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Medieval Day 2021

Be the world fair or foul, by hook or by crook, the tradition of Medieval Day continues at Braemar!
Yesterday our Year 8 students dressed in Medieval garb and enjoyed a day of participating in Medieval-inspired activities as a culmination of a history unit of work.
Medieval Day has been a long-standing tradition for our Year 8 cohort at Braemar; it was great to be able to celebrate it again this year with the Year 8 students back onsite!
Throughout the day, the students enjoyed getting involved in activities such as stained glass window making, archery, catapult building, jewellery making, and ‘capture the King’ (a Medieval version of the popular game, ‘capture the flag’).
It seemed that archery was among the most popular activities of the day – it’s not every day that you get to have a go with a bow and arrow across a giant paddock! – though also worth noting was the healthy competition that was found by players of the medieval chess board!
It was wonderful to have our Year 8 cohort of students and staff together at the Woodend campus…there has been no better year to have a Plague Doctor in the house of Braemar!

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