Year 6 Maths Games Day

Earlier this month, two teams of four Year 6 students competed in a Maths Games Day at Lumen Christi Primary School.
The day started with a warm-up game involving knowledge of factors and multiples before the official games began at 10am. The first section of the games day saw teams given a problem solving booklet to work through and once completed, they were handed in for marking before receiving another booklet. After a break for recess, the teams took part in a two-on-two strategy game challenge where two members of each team competed against two members from another school. The winners of those games then moved to another table to compete against a different team. The final section of the day involved a series of interactive games. All the students were very involved and it was really great to see our Braemar students interacting and playing with students from other schools during recess and lunch.
The results of the day saw Braemar Team 1 finish in 5th place and Braemar Team 2 finish in 24th place, both out of 32 teams.
Congratulations to the eight students who represented the College on their perseverance, friendliness, and sportsmanship on the day.

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