Futsal Champions

On Tuesday 8 May, a group of nine Year 5 students took an exciting trip up the Calder to participate in the Australian Futsal Regional School Futsal Titles, held at the Bendigo Institute of Futsal.
It was a sensational day for the students, playing a sport that they love. Many of the students had never played together before, so it was great to see them mesh together so well and go on to play every game undefeated.
The team played three pool matches before playing in a tough semi-final. After an exhilarating twenty-six minutes, they came out on top and were honoured to be participating in the Grand Final.
The final game was played against another undefeated team, but our team’s skills and teamwork allowed them to push on to become the Under 11 Regional Champions. Well done to all of the students that played on the day; they were very deserving winners!
Under 11 Champions

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