Year 5 Exeat – Sovereign Hill & Campaspe Downs

This year, our Year 5’s Exeat Week was split into two parts; two days at Campaspe Downs in Term One and a three day camp to Sovereign Hill in Term Four. The students had a great time participating in the activities that were fun and exciting as well as relevant to their current studies. The reflection below is from two students, Noah Cooper (5B) and Jack Murray (5C).

This year the year fives have had a lot of fun going to Campaspe Downs and Sovereign Hill. At Campaspe Downs there was a flying fox, kayaking, boat builing, abseiling, rock climbing, and aero ball.
In Term 4, we went to Sovereign Hill because we had been learning about the Eureka Stockade. It was a three day (two night) camp. On the first day, we went on an hour and a half bus trip and then visited three different museums and then we went to Sovereign Hill for the remainder of the day. Throughout the next two days, we participated in a schools program. There were three schools: Red Hill, St Peters, and St Alipius. We dressed in old clothes from the time of the gold rush and we had lunch at old fashioned restaurants. We also got to buy souvenirs and go into the mines for a tour. Overall, it was a really fun experience.

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