Braemar Tuckshop (Canteen) Update

As we begin the 2018 school year, we are excited to announce that our Tuckshop will now be managed internally. This provides some exciting opportunities for Braemar as we move to become a multi-campus College. We are delighted to welcome Deb and Petra to the College Staff.
For the current list of menu choices, click here.
Deb and Petra are working towards some great new menu options so make sure you check the College Blog for the latest menu. Don’t forget, menu options can be ordered on any day of the week.
Lunch order process

  1. Choose what you want to order  from the menu.
  2. Write your Name, Year level, House, and your order on a brown or white paper bag – make sure it is easy to read
  3. Put money in the bag and fold the top over to seal it – correct money if possible. Change will be given if necessary.  Students are encouraged to do this at home.
  4. Put your lunch order bag in the tub at Braemar House Reception or the Tuckshop, preferably  before school. The lunch order deadline is the end of recess.
  5. Collect your lunch order from the tuckshop at the start of lunch. If you are late, move to the front of the queue to collect your order. Years 5/6 – lunch orders can be collected from the Year 5/6 area.
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