Impact Music Conference hosted by Braemar College

On Friday, 10 November, Braemar College hosted the first ever Impact Music Conference. Mr Wade Dinning has written a summary of the event below.
Approximately fifty music educators from across the state attended the Impact Music Conference, including educators from Melbourne, Eltham, Bendigo, Wangaratta and even as far as Wagga Wagga. The group came together to discuss and learn how to more effectively develop and deliver their music programs so that they can have a real impact on every individual student’s musical development.
We were fortunate enough to have Victorian Music Curriculum writers Sally Walsh & Jerry Trzeciak from the VCAA as featured presenters for the day, and attendees were provided with hundreds of ready-to-use activities, techniques and resources. Feedback from the day has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope that the conference helps to promote the importance of music in our curriculum as it is such an intrinsic part of all our lives.

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