Year 5 Make A Difference Challenge – The Coffee Cup Crew

As part of their civics and citizenship studies in Encounter, Year 5 students have immersed themselves in a Make a Difference Challenge (MAD Challenge). Students have selected areas in which they want to make a difference and are considering ways to have impact in these areas, be they sport, community, College or global issues.
One group has arranged for NBL basketball coach Warrick Giddey to run clinics at the College on Monday 28 August. Another group has invited Justine Maher from Cobaw Community Health to talk to students about homelessness in the Macedon Ranges.
Several students focused on environmental issues, with one group – the ‘Coffee Cup Crew’ – articulating their challenge as follows:
“We are trying to stop the use of disposable cups at our school and in our local community. We want people to use reusable cups or Keep Cups which will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released when manufacturing the cups, stop the pile up of coffee cups in landfill, and reduce the amount of trees and water used by manufacturers in the production of disposable cups. This will help save our planet and keep our beautiful Macedon Ranges environment healthy and clean.”
Well done to all the students on their efforts to make a difference.

Screenshot 2017-09-24 15.57.52

The Coffee Cup Crew present Mr Deer with his keep cup

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